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Becoming a mother is the dream of any womanand to pamper one's own child is the dream of any couple. Having one's own child was a far off dream for infertile couples years back. But today, with the advance of medical science, infertile couple too can fulfill the dream of having their own child. With the help of a Surrogate mother, they too can enjoy parenthood.

What is a Surrogate parent?A surrogate mother is a woman who agrees to carry a fetus for an infertile couple. As soon as the child is born, the woman has to give the baby to the couple who have hired her. A surrogate parent is not thought of as the child's real mother. The legal parents are the ones who have given her the duty to bear their child in her womb. In short, a surrogate parent is just carries the fetus on their behalf.

What is surrogate motherhood? Surrogate motherhood can be called as a new and controversial change in the reproductive technologies. Bearing the child of an infertile couple and giving the child willingly to the parents is sometimes not acceptable by the majority of masses.
Surrogate motherhood is considered as a complicated and sensitive matter. In early days, surrogacy was carried out by a relative or a friend a favor. Later on, a surrogate mother was hired and given a compensation for all her efforts. It was only after 1970s that surrogacy was considered socially acceptable.

Becoming a surrogate mother
It is definitely a noble thing to decide on becoming a surrogate parent. Giving the gift of parenthood to infertile couples is truly appreciable. Unfortunately, most people do not understand the real reasons behind one's becoming a surrogate. People will always be there to criticize and judge the person all the time.

Moreover, one must be aware of the many health, medical as well as financial risks one will be facing. A lot of patience and tolerance is needed to become a surrogate parent. Before the whole process, the ovulation cycle of the chosen person and the real mother must pair. Parents must be willing to undergo all the tests with lots of patience. She must also be ready to undergo the painful process of insemination. She must also know that she will be under the risk of depression and sleeplessness during pregnancy. She must also be willing to face the financial risks which are likely to be experienced if she quits the current job.

Different surrogacy methods
Traditional Surrogate definition- Traditional surrogate is the one who is related to the child genetically. In short, if the female is infertile and if the male is fertile, then the semen sample of the male parent is cleaned and prepared by the fertility clinic and then an insemination method is done. Since the child will be having genes of the surrogate mother, this method is not recommended usually.

Gestational Surrogate definition- Gestational surrogate only does the work of carrying the fetus. She is not related to the child.
Commercial Surrogate definition- In this type of surrogacy, the surrogate gets a financial compensation and all the expenses till the birth of the child is undertaken by the intended parents. This type of surrogacy is considered illegal in many countries.

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